Automatic Website Content Generator

automatic-website-content-generator I’ve been piddling around with auto-content generators for WordPress, Joomla and others, but heck, this one does the trick.This program (BANS) is a virtual affiliate goldmine.  I know, that sounds very “salesy” but it is true. I would say that it is the best Automatic Website Content Generator out there. I’ve used sites like CBMall and BANS in the past, but this application actually gives me total control of my affiliate links.  Plus it is so friggin awesome because for every category keyword you give it, it creates a keyword-rich URL and actual pages for each, yes I said each, product. The product actually does what no other piece of software does: load the site, dynamically with products from eBay, ClickBank and Amazon (with more to come!) with any targeted niche that you want.  The software is also flexible enough to add your own list of static pages as well.  Plus, each product is tied to your affiliate link. So not only do you get a site generator, but you also get a nicely done content management system (CMS). Check out some screens from the administration section of the program: Store Stacker Admin Screen Shot The beauty of this application is that it automatically updates itself.  Once a product is added/changed on one of the many store sites (ebay, amazon, clickbank, linkshare), the site is updated automatically…including the newly rewritten keyword-rich URLS.  Just stinkin awesome. StoreStacker can add thousands of pages of content to a site and tons of low-fruit, product-based keywords. I’ve been losing faith in internet marketing for quite sometime now, but now, this blasted program has roped me back in.  And I couldn’t be more gracious! Check out and let me know what you think.  If you have any questions about this or any other automatic website content generators, feel free to ask me.

DVD Copying Software Sites – More Like DVD Scam Sites

DVD Copying Software Last year I decided to put together a website about consumer product reviews.  The idea was simple…get an idea of what people are looking for and provide to them an honest review of what to expect with the purchase.  I wanted to start out small, so I figured I would review DVD copying software.

It is amazing how many shareware, malware, spyware and real DVD software programs  are out there.  I thought my time would be best spend reviewing products from companies that also have an affiliate program (hey, I do this kind of stuff for fun so I’ve got to pay the bills somehow).

Many of the sites that I came across displayed claims of not even needing a DVD burner, free video players, subscription services and all sorts of other incentives.  Soon after purchasing a few DVD software copying “programs” I started to run into something peculiar.

DVD Copying Software – What exactly is it?

Most of the sites were not actually giving me a program to copy DVDs at all!   It became apparent that around 80% of the DVD Copy sites I had reviewed only provided e-books explaining HOW to burn and copy DVDs. While not completely useless,  I felt really scammed that I could not make a backup of my director’s cut of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure DVD with the “program.”  I only knew where to find the programs to do so.  I guess if you are looking for an e-book to copy DVD programs, then go right ahead, but seriously…who really is looking for a stupid e-book when you only want to copy a DVD?

With price tags ranging from 19 to 49 dollars be sure to check the fine print which always seemed to be listed in the FAQ.

Tip: E-book DVD Copying Sites usually have really crazy flash animated headers.

If you want my opinion, stick to the department stores that actually sell  DVD copying software in a box.  There is a good chance that the product is not an e-book.

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What is the best Free XML text editor?

notepade plus free xml text editorThis is an interesting question that people ask me quite frequently.  Yes, I know, who the heck would actually ask about the free XML text editor, let alone the BEST free XML text editor.  Well, if you are like me, you probably had to do some kind of work with XSLT.  XSLT is simply a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.  Or, according to Wikipedia, other objects such as HTML for web pages, plain test, or into XSL formatting of objects.  and so on.

The toughest thing about XML is that if you have an unclosed tag, or a case problem with a node name, you are certainly going to have issues when your XML actually gets implemented.  The biggest help for this is to use something other than Notepad to edit your XML.  Why not Notepad?  Well, Notepad does not provide color coding of nodes, collapsible node structures and other cool things.

Those two mentioned things are the most important to me when looking into an XML text editor.  There are quite a few out there that already do this kind of stuff, but which one is the best free XML text editor?  That, I cannot tell you.  You’ll find with any of them that one may be good at presented the code in an easy to read format, another may give you the option to wired into your source control, another may give you a nice FTP interface.  Those are just a few things to consider.

So, instead of telling you the best XML text editors, I will simply give you a list of a few, best free XML text editors that I have actually used and find them all to be “the best” for daily use:

  • Sublime Text Very popular with my Mac folks, but out of the box not very “friendly.”  However there are a number of plugins that you can add to make it be the XML text editor for you.
  • Notepad++ Considered to be Old Faithful in that out of the box it already contains some nice XML formatting features as well as a built-in ftp client. (no need to fuss with Filezilla)
  • UltraEdit – A very powerful tool, that used to be free but still contains a huge amount of customizations (tailor it to a developer, designer, coder, what eva…)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express Yeah, I said Microsoft.  If you haven’t been doing any .NET programming, then you don’t know that the majority of all of the configuration of .NET code is done via XML configuration files.  Therefore the IDE that used for .NET has a wonderful (and free) XML text editor.
  • Eclipse – The go-to editor for Java enthusiasts…  IBM loves it so much that they build Lotus Notes on top of it.  A great, extensible tool that can be used and an XML editor with major tweaking.

Ok, so there is your list, but I know, you were expecting to see what was the best XML text editor.  So with that, I will tell you from my personal experience, that Notepad++ is the best XML text editor out there.  Try it for yourself and let me know what think!

Top 5 Tools for Social Marketing

top social marketing tools It seems that social marketing is quickly replacing, or at best, supplementing traditional marketing approaches these days.  I make use of quite a few social marketing angles, but realized I typically stick to 5 tools on a regular basis.

Before you even think that social marketing is the silver bullet in your marketing arsenal, you must first have something “sociable” (not the crackers, although they are yummy) to spread…like a virus, but in a good way.  If you don’t then chances are that social marketing won’t work for you.

So here they are, my top 5 social marketing tools for almost every post I make to the blog:

1) Windows Live Writer- The absolute best blog posting application, surprisingly from Microsoft.  This client allows me to not only post to WordPress blogs, but it will also ping to my super super list of ping servers.  Windows live writer allows you to add/edit/adjust images (which will automatically ftp them the your server) and make use of a ton of third-party pluggins such as suggested images, embed media and other cool things.

2) Pingoat – One of my go-to sites to ping servers that I may have not added to my Windows Live Writer config.  I kind of make it a habit of that when I post something to immediately go over to Pingoat and submit my site.

3) StumbleUpon – I actually use this site to “stumble upon” some cool websites.  It is nice to build up a network of “friends” and let them know about your latest post.  I’ve seen great results with StumbleUpon and they seem to be less “cliquey” than Digg.

4) Feedburner – A great site to manage your rss feeds and makes it easier for other to consume them.  If you don’t think that rss feeds are important, then well, you can go ask Google why they thought it was important enough to incorporate Adsense with it.

5) Twitter – Some think of Twitter as just a place to talk about where you are hanging out, but realistically you have to think of it as a tool to announce socially what you are up to!  Made a change to your website? Wanted to review a new product?  Just a few things to think about for using Twitter as a social marketing tool.

Now, of course you may have a few more items (as do I) but I figured a top 5 post would look better than a top 6 or top 9 social marketing tools post. Seriously, these are the main tools that I use regularly.

Fun IPad Apps and Games for Kids for June 2013

I love having an IPad and I love browsing around the AppStore to find some apps and games made specifically for the IPad.  The toughest thing is finding a fun game that the kids will I will both love.  I did find a few, but some aren’t actually games, but fun educational toys that are fun to play as well.

One thing to note, yes, many of the Apps are free, but also many contain in-game purchases.  Make sure you turn of in-app purchases (unless you don’t mind the kids maxing out your credit card)

  1. battle-nationsBattleNations – Totally fun game to play with the kids.  What I find great about it is that you do a few plays, then come back later to see how much progress your land has made.  Yes, you do get to battle enemies with guns, but there are no actual bullets or grenades fired directly, and most of all, no blood.  Which makes it kid friendly for me.  Plus the graphics a totally crisp and incredible.  You can tell this fun game was made specifically for the IPad. Battle Nations – Z2Live, Inc
  2. doodle-buddy-ipad-game-for-kidsDoodle Buddy – Totally fun painting program for kids.  My 3 year old has a blast with it.  Comes complete with “rubber stamps” that also make noises when you draw with them.  You can even import your existing photos too!  Perfect for drawing mustaches on faces.  This is also a great app to use a stylus with (I have a RocketFish stylus).  You can save your creations and even post them to Facebook.  One of the best Free Apps out there in my opinion!  Doodle Buddy – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch – It’s Addictive! – Pinger, Inc.
  3. ipad-apps-for-kids-doodle-buddyToontastic – Hands down one of THE BEST free apps for the IPad.  This program helps teach kids the basics of cartoon story movie making.   The animations are top notch, so are the graphics and the ease of use.  This app is soo much fun.  My son and I spent hours making silly pirate cartoons.  It is amazing that the quality rivals that of anything coming out of the real cartoon shops.  Very cool and fun indeed. Toontastic – Launchpad Toys
  4. gleeGlee Karaoke – Ok, I must admit…I’ve never watched the show.  Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true.  So I was not biased in downloading this app.  There was only one reason why I downloaded this app…Autotune.  The technology that so many horrible singers use today to keep their flat singing in check.  This games lets you sing along to tunes, but the key is to try to stay as close to the real notes as possible.  If you can’t do it, well, don’t worry, Mr Autotune will fix it.  There are limited things you can do in the free version, but it is still lots of fun with the kids. Glee Karaoke – Smule

If you have any more IPad games or apps for kids (that are also free), please send them along. I would love to update this list in the future!