Pictures Taken at Just the Right Time

These pictures are incredibly funny. Nothing like snapping the camera at just the right moment to preserve embarrassment forever!

Tony Schiffbauer – The Sexiest Man In Pittsburgh

the sexiest man in pittsburgh Yes, it is true, Tony Schiffbauer, is THE sexiest man in Pittsburgh!  Why is that? Well, the answer is obvious, he is awesome.  Yes, I know, I am Tony Schiffbauer, but there is no sense in not gloating.

Being the sexiest man in Pittsburgh does come with some benefits.  I can’t tell you what they are, but they do exist.

Rock on.


The Terminator was a Commodore Vic-20

Recently I’ve been on a retro computing kick.  I don’t know what it is but I am always amazed to see how much stuff you can pull out of a machine from the early 80s.  The retro computing scene is running full-speed around the world.  People are coming up with new games for old platforms like the Atari, Coleco, Commodores and others.

After muddling around a few retro computing sites I found something that made me stop and drool (Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m 100% geek)…a guy who claims to have made the Commodore Vic-20 talk with no extra hardware.

For those of you who don’t know, the Vic-20 was one of the most popular and powerful computers released in the early 80s.  This thing was a total powerhouse: 3.5 K of RAM, 1 MHZ (yes <MHZ, NOT GHZ) 6502 CPU, 22X23 character display, 176X184 pixels and 16 colors.

So back to the graphics and sound demo.  The one I am speaking of is “Robotic Liberation” by Pers’ Wastaieset Productiot.  This demo placed first at the Assembly party in 2003…27 years after the Vic-20 was released to the public.

The whole thing runs on an unexpanded Vic-20 and the story line is a bit creepy…just watch the video as the story unfolds.  The music is excellent and the “voice” is just so strange that it is awesome.

Apple Hires Radio Shack to Design New MacBook

Macbook Pro Keyboard black Or atleast it appears to have hired Radio Shack to design their latest MacBook. I mean, come on…what is the deal with that chicklet looking keyboard? All of you Mac freaks who just drool over every design that Apple ever releases are in complete denial or on drugs if you think the new MacBook is cutting edge.

I guess this proves that yes, even Mac, the computer that is supposed to be more creative than the PC can come up with the Edsel, Pontiac Aztek or Ford Fusion. Remember the toilet seat MacBook?


Is the Macbook just a nod to retro design?

Ok, so what about my claim of Apple hiring Radio Shack? Well take a look at the following picture. Yes, kinda looks like one of those photos you’ve probably seen in an out-dated college textbook on information technology. This is actually the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer from the early 1980’s. Nice keyboard design. Those things were so cheap to manufacture because they didn’t need to spend money on springs and other mechanics in those keyboards. Tandy Color Computer Macbook keyboard )I remember Tandy nerds whining and complaining that their chubby fingers were having difficulty typing their online D&D character names on the little keys.) Tandy soon jumped back to regular sized keys with the CoCo II and CoCo III.

One can draw a conclusion with this new Apple design…they are losing money and getting a sinking feeling in their stomachs, worried that Microsoft’s and Dell’s portable mp3 players will eat up their market share…heck who knows what the next Ipod will look like. If the new MacBook’s keyboard is any indication, I’m willing to bet the next iPod will come complete with wireless headphones and a mullet.