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blackhat-seo It is no secret to many "black hat" SEO folks that one of their favored approaches to building site content is by using automatic article generation. Please allow me to explain, for those of you who are not familiar with this.

The trick is to generate lots of unique content that either contains Adsense ads or even pages that point to landing pages with affiliate links.

You can grab an article by rss aggregator or "stealing" something from one of the many ezine publising sites such as Heck, people have been stealing my submission for quite some time!

The next thing to do is spin the article in some way to generate multiple version of the copy using synonyms and a web tool such as JetSpinner (my affiliate link if you are interested).  The tool is free, but they charge you if you want to "promote" your articles.

The concept is simple, take a word (or phrase) you would  like to switch up and replace it with synonyms, separated by bars and surrounded by curly braces.  For instance, if you want the article to replace the word Apple with three variations of apple, you could do this:

  • I would like a juicy red {fuji|honeycrisp|Mcintosh} for lunch.

You can then assign tell JetSpinner to create 3 variations of this sentence, effectively giving you:

  • I would like a juicy red fuji for lunch.
  • I would like a juicy red honeycrisp for lunch.
  • I would like a juicy red Mcintosh for lunch.

However the power in the spinning is that you can replace phrases with other phrases in multiple sections:

  • I {would like|always want|always hope for} a {juicy|crispy|sweet but tart} {fuji|honeycrisp|Mcintosh} apple for {lunch| a lunchtime snack|brunch}.

The spinner works recursively, so you can even have curly braces within curly braces to really mix things up! You need to understand factorials (I stink at math, so I’m not going to explain it) in order to see how many possible variations of this sentence can be generated…all for the sake of creating non-duplicate SPAM copy for content websites.

Some black hatters may even use some kind of Markov Generator to really mix things up.  Markov sequences can be used to scramble source text which is really cool for swapping sentences in multiple paragraphs.  This guy has a Markov Generator for you to play with.

To complete the process: Post the thousands of newly created variations of the same article for others to pick up.  This can be done by using the multiple article submission sites out there.



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