Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

content experiment Well, my last ten posts about moving companies are making an impact in the search engines.  In particular, MSN.  I was hoping to see some indexing from Google, but MSN is a start.  So, for the search term moving back to Chicago, I am currently #5 in MSN.  Take a peek here.

I’m sure this will change but for now I’m pretty pleased.  My website has nothing to do with anything related to moving companies, so getting listed in the search engines for something like this tells me that content relevancy means nothing to MSN.  Google is on the ball it seems.

So to give you an idea what I did, check this out:

  1. I went into Google Adwords and selected the Keyword tool from the Tools menu.  I hear word that moving company keywords were going for a pretty penny per click.  I typed in moving companies in the Keyword Variations tab and then clicked Get More Keywords. 
  2. I then added all of those return Moving Company keywords into a CSV file.
  3. Next I jumped over to the Traffic Estimator Tool and pasted the list of keywords into the Enter Keywords text area. 
  4. My only criteria was to get data from USA and Canada.
  5. I then clicked Continue to get a list of traffic/cost estimates, sorted the list and just took the top 4 keywords.  (Caution:  This data is totally estimated and not a true mirror of actual values)
  6. I added a top-level category to the Tony Rocks blog called Moving Companies and Sub Categories title the same name as the top 4 keywords that I’ve found.
  7. I added a post each day (ten in total) related to those keywords and filed them under their relevant categories.
  8. I then would PING using Pingoat, Stumbled and built my site map using GSiteCrawler.

That’s about it, so within a week I have been listed in MSN.  Now to get in Google, where traffic is greater… and hopefully I’ll make out with high-paying Adsense clicks.

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