Shoemoney — the Phat Not Fat Blog Master

You know, I have to admit, I am a big fan of this guy. Who is Shoemoney? Well if you don’t know then you just aint reading enough about blogging and making money in the Internet (or innernet if you are from South Western Pennsylvania) I first started blogging to make tons of cash as depicted on those ebooks. But things weren’t working out. I would spend so much time building template sites, plugging in RSS feeds and ripping off articles, you know the usual newbie stuff. But nothing but nothing for me for all my efforts.
THEN, I came accross this maniac who was talking about how fat he used to be. Heck, I was fat before too, but I lost the weight. But Shoemoney was fat, fatter than me for sure, but now he was skinny and he ALSO made tons of cash using blogs. Reading Shoemoney’s blog shed a new light on my outlook. I was skinny again (even though I wasn’t fat) and started blogging for blog sake…to inform others about cool things, how to do things and other stuff. Shoemoney really was and still is an inspiration. Heck, he has one of the coolest avatars on the planet. Shoemoney, you rock, so I’ve decided since Google doesn’t care about keyword density that I will write the official Shoemoney song:
(sing to the tune of Queen’s One Vision)
One Shoemoney
One man one goal one mission
One heart one soal just one solution
One flash of light yeah one God Shoemoney!
He ate lots of chicken wings
One true religion
One voice one blog
One real decision
Wowowowo gimme Shoemoney
Adwords in sight
Im gonna tell you theres no black and no white
No spam no spam
All we need is one Shoemoney
He are burgers and fries
but not no more he’s skinny
One head that’s bald
One real decision
Wowowowo oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah Shoemoney
I had a dream
When I was blogging
A dream of sweet adsense checks
A glimpse of hope and unity
And Shoemoney’s of one sweet payday
But a cold wind blows
And a dark rain falls
And my CTR was decimal points
And my payout was nothing
So give me your ads
Give me your pings
Im ready
Theres only one direction
One world one nation
Yeah Shoemoney
No spam no spam
Just excitation
All through the night
Its a celebration wowowowo yeah Shoemoney
One one one one…
One Shoemoney…
He ate lots of chicken wings
One true religion
One voice one blog
One real decision
Wowowowo gimme Shoemoney
Gimme one blog
Gimme one big check
Just gimme
One man one man
One blog one post
One day hey hey
Just gimme gimme gimme gimme
Ok, now was that totally rockin or what? I figured nobody would read this anyways, so who cares 🙂 Rock on Shoemoney

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