Google has always ticked me off, but why am I complaining now about contextual ads?  First off, Google “perfected” contextual ads with Google Adwords…Serving up ads relevant to according to a website’s content.

Well, just like many things taken out of context, Google Ads (and in fact other sites that serve up contextual ads) can be represented incorrectly. 

Come on guys, it is nice to see when Google screws up.

Below are a few problems with taken out of context contextual ad bloopers:


Big oops.  Match fire with fire and show some insensitivity.


Become a teacher “for all the wrong reasons.”


Match keyword coffee with heart attacks?


Match girl keywords with the abusive French…


Yikes, contextual insensitivity alert again!

So there you have it yet again…Google is not perfect.  Neither is my PR ranking. 

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  1. hehe ! Nice discovery d00d . That is hillarious . Can anything be done to avoid these kinda things ? I dont think so , at least not yet .

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