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advertising-marketing-communications When pushing for communications for your company it is important to remember that advertising and marketing go hand in hand and should be approached at the same time.  Both contain all strategies and tactics that are to be used with getting out your marketing message

Advertising and marketing communications involves presenting the right message and is the hard part for many people, at least from a web standpoint.  Web is practically free advertising if you know where to look and what to do from a communications standpoint.

If you have no experience in advertising and marketing communications then it is a good idea to contact a firm who does.  You may think, well, I don’t have lots of money to spend, but you may be surprised that it is not that expensive.  Plus working with a communications company that has experience with advertising and marketing the proper way would be completely beneficial to your company’s reputation.

Advertising is an important component of your overall marketing plan.   But, this plan needs to be developed with a creative flair and one that drives your communications message, solidifies your brand and drives your ROI.

advertising-example A great example for me me was the Del Monte Tomatoes Half-Page free standing inserts created by Brady Communications.  This advertising piece delivers the greatest consumer visibility for your marketing message and your product.

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