Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

automatic-website-content-generator I’ve been piddling around with auto-content generators for WordPress, Joomla and others, but heck, this one does the trick.This program (BANS) is a virtual affiliate goldmine.  I know, that sounds very “salesy” but it is true. I would say that it is the best Automatic Website Content Generator out there. I’ve used sites like CBMall and BANS in the past, but this application actually gives me total control of my affiliate links.  Plus it is so friggin awesome because for every category keyword you give it, it creates a keyword-rich URL and actual pages for each, yes I said each, product. The product actually does what no other piece of software does: load the site, dynamically with products from eBay, ClickBank and Amazon (with more to come!) with any targeted niche that you want.  The software is also flexible enough to add your own list of static pages as well.  Plus, each product is tied to your affiliate link. So not only do you get a site generator, but you also get a nicely done content management system (CMS). Check out some screens from the administration section of the program: Store Stacker Admin Screen Shot The beauty of this application is that it automatically updates itself.  Once a product is added/changed on one of the many store sites (ebay, amazon, clickbank, linkshare), the site is updated automatically…including the newly rewritten keyword-rich URLS.  Just stinkin awesome. StoreStacker can add thousands of pages of content to a site and tons of low-fruit, product-based keywords. I’ve been losing faith in internet marketing for quite sometime now, but now, this blasted program has roped me back in.  And I couldn’t be more gracious! Check out and let me know what you think.  If you have any questions about this or any other automatic website content generators, feel free to ask me.

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  2. I’ve been in the same boat for quite some time, and haven’t realized it could be done this way. Oh well, it’s better to find out later than never…

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