bux-to About 10 years ago I used to get a monthly check from a company called AllAdvantage.  This had to be one of the coolest pre-dot bomb website because you actually got paid to surf and click.

Well, people learned how to trick and hack the system by finding auto-surf tools to do all the work.  AllAdvantage could no longer afford to keep things running. 

alladvantage2or I do miss those days, even if the checks were only for a few bucks…every amount help back in college.

Feeling nostalgic I started surfing around seeing if any other websites like that one were still in existence.  This is when I ran into something new…Bux.to.  Yes, that is the URL. This is an awesome new program that pays you to surf, just like to good ole days.   

I’ve been making some cash, but want to make more. My friend Jason told me that he had been doing quite well and said that today he actually made $30 bucks and it only took him 86.33 seconds.  Sounds  a little good to be true, but he showed me his earning stats and yep, it was indeed true.

Jason is currently making $5-$6 a day on average and with only about 2 minutes of work.  Jason gave me the steps to earn this kind of money with Bux.to.

Here is what you need to do:

Step #1: Sign up for Bux.com (which is free) through this link.

alert-payStep #2: Sign up for AlertPay (which is free and an AWESOME alternative to PayPal) through this link.

Yes I have my affiliate links listed, but that is the name of the game and this is how you make extra cash.  

Make sure you continue clicking your ads every day at Bux.to.  Ten a day, along with a few referrals is enough to get you some nice extra cash.

What I do is open the ads in another tab of my browser so I don’t have to look at them if I don’t want to. So long as they load for 30 seconds in your browser.

Tip:  According to the site you will see that every time you click an ad you’ll earn $0.01. Now, this is ok if you want to make only $0.20 per day, BUT the big  secret of Bux.to is to buy referral packs.  Jason started with a small 35 pack of referrals and was making a couple of bucks a day.  Now he has purchased a few more 35 packs and is pulling in $30 bucks a day.

Sign up today for both programs to start earning cash, and please please don’t forget to refer your own affiliate links to others to start really seeing the earnings flow.  Let me know how it goes for you.  If you start earning more than $30 a day, I will write a posting about you and a website if you have one to plug.

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