Optimizing WordPress Blog for Maximum SEO Exposure

Lately I’ve been having lots of fun optimzing my wordpress instance to make it super search engine friendly.  My experiments seem to be working.  I’ve been showing for searches related to halloween costumes and the playstation III. 

So anyways, some quick things to do to get WordPress SEO friendly:

1) Work with your permalinks

From your admin console select Options and then Permalinks.  Under common options, select Custom, specify below.  Then, for your custom structure enter this:


So now when you post a new article, the subject line of your post will be part of your url.  Make sure when creating a new post that you have atleast one targeted keyword in the subject line.

For instance if you write a post around Curious George Videos, Your Subject line shouw be like this:

Curious George Video

Now, with your permalink, when a person views your post, the url would be:


 Ok, now to the next important thing…utlizing slugs to enrich your keyword visibility.

2) Utilize your Post Slugs

When composing a new post, take a look to the right of the Write admin interface.  You should see an area called Post Slug.  From here, you can play some tricks with your posting.  Remember the Curious George Videos post?  Well, we want to make certain that we catch singular version of a Curious George search.  So, for the Post slug of this just type

Curious George Video

So now, when a person clicks on your post, the URL will state Curious-George-Video.html and your subject header will state Curious George Videos

3) Install the Google Sitemaps Pluggin.

Go to the Google Sitemaps Pluggin at Arne Brachhold’ Website.

 So why did I give examples about Curious George?  Well, I just bought the movie and I just loved it 🙂  So it was on my mind.

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