Remember to Renew Your Domain Name

Do you occassionally get those annoying emails to renew your domain names?  I do, about 90 days before they are set to expire…then 60 days…then 30 days…then I freak out and wonder if it is worth keeping the domain name or letting it fall to the expired domain pirhanas to pick up.

Well, sometimes I do that, but other times I forget that I may have some sites using dns or database from an expiring or expired domain.  Many of complained to me that some of my sites weren’t working today.  Well, you know, you never know how messed up your website architecture is until you let a domain expire…which happened to me earlier today.

Lucky for me no pirhanas picked up my domain name.  Heck, it is  a crappy domain name anways.  Tons of dashes in it and particle words.  Anyways, I just wanted to remind you to renew your expring domain names before you get in a pickle like me.

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