The Best Father’s Day Gift – Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Many of you don’t realize this, but this Father’s Day is coming soon and now is the best time of year to start blogging about stuff.  There is a ton of "stuff" going on to blog about…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan. This is your chance to get pegged by Google for certain key phrases.  Especially for […]

Online Credit Card Processing

One of the biggest challenges facing online business is online credit card processing.  It is difficult to run a successful e-commerce project without being able to make credit card transactions.  Sure you can opt for PayPal, but things should be transparent.  Credit card processing involves many things, such as the verification of the consumer’s credit […]

ProStores – An REAL Alternative to Yahoo Stores

Many of my clients are looking for inexpensive ecommerce solutions for selling stuff.  I’ve talked up Yahoo Stores because it was a familiar company and they seemed to have a nice and easy setup.  Boy was I wrong.  It wasn’t until I ran into ProStores (actually offered by ebay) did I realize how backwards and […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Store Stacked

I know Mother’s Day is coming up soon so I figured I’d start the ole niche blogging.  I’ve recently created a Mother’s Day Gift themed website, using Store Stacker. The site is pretty slick, I pull in Mothers Day gift ideas such as poems,  books, gift baskets.  You know, all the stuff mom would want […]

Homemade Energy – Pull the plug on the electric company

With energy costs still not really dipping on us, a few people have been coming up with alternative ways to generate their own energy.  I’ve found a site that talks about renewable energy for the rest us. The site asks, how would you like to unplug your house from the electrical company knowing that you […]