Wed. Apr 10th, 2024

cheap flights to islands Cheap flights to islands was an interesting term that I stumbled upon while looking for my next bum marketing experiment.  Travel pay per click terms in Google are quite expensive, so when I ran into this little gem i was amazed.  I was shocked to see that the general term for cheap flights to islands in the serps returns 14,300,000 results, but the specific term for “cheap flights to islands” only returns 8 results, but with a TON of sponsored links.

Now, according to Adwords, the term does not fetch a high bid, but still, a good niche to tap if you want to promote travel sites for cheap flights.  A few more cheap flight related terms that also peaked my interest:

  • Cheap flights to Jamaica – $1.67-  942,000 general, 11,500 specific
  • Cheap flights to LA – $1.92 – 18,200,000 general, 0 specific
  • Cheap flights to NY – $1.96 – 20,400,00 general, 2,950 specific

So go ahead and have some fun bum marketing with these cheap flights to variations.

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