Thu. Apr 11th, 2024

how to take care of guinea pigsYou may be wondering why I asked how to take care of guinea pigs? Well I came home one day and there were two guinea pigs at my house. My wife had surprised my daughter (and me) by getting her guinea pigs as gifts. But how do you take care of a guinea pigs?  What did anything to eat. What do guinea pigs not eat?
These are many questions that are on the mind of people who are you taking care of guinea pigs. So rather than being a totally informative blog post. I decided to break this topic into multiple posts and use it as an experiment to get listed in for topics related to taking care of guinea pigs.
So I will leave this as an introduction of how to take care guinea pigs and the following topics:

Stay tuned because my next post will actually be about how to take care of your guinea pig but those different topics I mentioned above.  Also I will take a look at my stats in and hopefully in Google search results too.

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