drago qoutes and michael grimm's apologySo I guess all the news of Michael Grimm not apologizing to a reporter for wanting to “Break you in half” is really making its rounds on the Interwebs.  It was quite a rude thing to say, but I find it a bit comical.  I immediately thought of Drago from Rocky IV.  Especially with the famous Drago quote “I must break you.”  If you don’t remember who Drago was, well, I feel sorry for you.  You missed all the fun of the Cold War with Soviet Union.
So, to bring light to the situation and just compare Michael Grimm to Drago, here are some things Michael Grimm could have said instead of an apology:

  • I win for ME!  FOR ME!
  • He’s not human.  He’s like a piece of iron.
  • You will lose.
  • I defeat all man. Soon I defeat real champion.


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