byd-f0-car There is a ton of buzz surrounding the BYD car company of China because apparently, one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffet, thinks that it is a good bet to invest in this company.

I’ve never heard of BYD until today, so I decided to see what it is all about.  I’m not sure if something was lost in translation, or if the features of this car are that crazy.  Well, as a disclaimer, the F0’s introduction description states “…Born to be funky, fantastic, and environmentally friendly.”

Well, here are a few “features” of the car that make it funky…but funky in an stinky way (in my opinion)

Exterior Features:

  • Exterior rearview mirror – Exterior? Doesn’t that mean outside? Aren’t they usually inside the car?
  • Exterior door handle (black) – Thank goodness they had enough sense to put the door handle (singular mind you) on the outside instead of the inside.
  • Bumper (body color) – Bumpers help. Yes, they are a good feature to have…yes…a bumper (singular again, mind you)

So if the exterior features haven’t got your juices flowing, take a gander at some of the interior features:

  • Children door lock – Not sure what this means.  Something about a lock that is made for children? I’m picturing an Elmo padlock or something.
  • Central door lock – Um…central to what? Does mainland China determine when to lock your door?

So now, I’m sure you are not quite sold yet on this BYD masterpiece.  Let me continue on to the Controls of the BYD F0-

  • Front power window – Just one?
  • Mechanical type steering system – Awesome. I’ve always wanted to get rid of my non-mechanical, steer by hand ala-green machine big wheel control of my Nissan Maxima
  • Windshield wiper for black door – Back door? I’ve never had the need to wipe rain from my back door, but maybe things are different in China…I dunno.

I know these things may seem satirical to you, and yes, I am guilty of writing satirical things in past, but if you don’t believe me, check out the BYD website and see for yourself.

So there you have it, the sure bet Warren Buffet is thinking about.  I think he is out of his mind, but who knows…he may be on (to) something.

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  1. I really hope this article was some poor attempt at humor.
    Or it has to have been writen by somone who has never even looked closely at a care before.
    Exterior rear view mirror – Hrm I wonder what thos two mirros that come out of the sides of the doors are called?
    Children door lock – Pretty much every car in the United States and north america have these. Open your door, look at the inside frame. There is a child lock so children cant open the door when the car is moving.
    Central door lock – that would be the fancy button the driver has that can lock all the door.
    The more I write this i think this must have just been a really bad joke I dont get.
    Front power window – means only the front windows are power windows
    Windshield wiper for black door – many and I do mean many cars in North America have rear windsheild wipers. Ya know cuz rain and snow happen to hit the rear windshield too.
    If this was a joke then sorry you need to try a little harder.
    If it was not a joke than ROFL OMG U R A NOOB

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