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Today is the birthday of Dr. Seuss, also known as Theodor Seuss Geisel.  So what does Dr Seuss look like? I really dig the Google Logo for the day.  Some of you are probably wondering, what does this guy look like? Previously I’ve posted pictures of the guy, as well as other authors.
dr seuss google logo
I’ve decided to repost an excerpt from the previous post with a picture of Dr. Seuss.
photo of Dr. Seuss - What does Dr Seuss look like? Cat In the Hat – Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel).  I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t put something in here about the Cat In the Hat.  Probably one of the most popular children’s books writers ever, it is funny to know that his real name is Theodor.  I’ve always known that his books were written years ago, but I found it interesting that he died in 1991…not too long ago.  Heck, I was in college.

So what does Dr Seuss look like?

He published more than 60 children’s books…a pretty amazing accomplishment.  An interesting fact: He joined the Army during WWII to work in the animation department of the Air Force, where he wrote Design for Death, a film that later won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.
If Dr Seuss were still alive today, I’m sure he would be helping folks with the next Transformer’s movie or the next Batman Movie.  Or maybe even the next Lego movie. Those would be great for sure.
It is amazing that Dr. Seuss was also known for making some cool, government issue type of toons.  Know that you know what he looks like, it is hard to think that this guy wrote Green Eggs and Ham. He was a very talented person indeed.

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16 thoughts on “What does Dr Seuss look like? The best picture of him is here”
  1. I love these books my favorite book from him was one fish two fish red fish blue fish that book was on of my fazs but i also liked all of them they were probly the only books in my school libary on mr.seuess birthday.
    Ashley martin

  2. you are a awesome book reighter i read all your books like,horton hears a who,if i ran a circus and alot more of your books you are really good rymer i really love your books and my favrite book was hooray for diffen doofer day that is the best book for me bye and your awsome bye.

  3. i love soooo many books what Dr.Suess made. my favorite has to be 1 fish 2 fish blue fish red fish…. i hope one day i can meet him!
    we have memorys of u Dr.Suss
    luv chelsea

  4. GREGbooks does not suck… it may suck 2 u bc its olny 4 babies…. he is dead so u should not say that.. if u dont like his books so DONT say anything leve it to yourself!

  5. Dr Seuss im Watching Your Movie it is going to be Dr. Seuss i think he is a Men he is a Man i do no him From the Conputer it is A funny Man i do not no him he Did Dead he is Having a Party up in the Sky he is Partying in the Sky you no i Saw him Dead he Lived in South Dokota he does i saw him go in The Sky i Watched the Movie i did Real i Did im not Lining i Did see him along Time Ago Waiking Down the Street i Saw him too i Saw Johnny Depp too i saw his Face i was inside My House

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