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who-was-dash-snow Dash Snow is so popular because he died of a drug overdose in New York July 13th. If I had my way, I would never want to hear about Dash Snow any more.It gets boring after a bit when all you hear is Dash Snow all day long…but at least this is just a top search trend over at Google.This means that Dash Snow and everything related to it will fall off the radar.

Dash’s art was pretty suggestive and bit off for some.  But what can you do…

You can look at the rest of the story about Dash Snow here: dash snow dead

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One thought on “Why is Dash Snow So Popular?”
  1. Very sad. Depressing in every way right down to the baby left fatherless. There are things money can’t fix. Dash Snow sported an annoying hipper-than-thou art-world persona, but his artistic talent was undeniable.Unfortunately, he was not only a brilliant artist but a drug addict as well. My condolences to his family, friends and Secret. No hope in dope.
    If anyone is interested I started collecting all the information or sites related to Dash Snow. check out the below link to know all about Dash Snow (around 200 sites)

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