Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

talking_translator Sometimes it is hard to come up with fresh content for SEO consumption.  This is apparent when you start seeing posts from by about free Rachael Ray cookware, or How to get Flat Abs.

I’ve recently found an interesting approach at generating new content, although a bit controversial it seems to be an option.  Why not take an existing post, run it through Google Translate to another language…and then back to English?

Sure, it is going to translate into some really bad English (like my normal writing style), but, content is content…right?  Ok, this is a bad idea.  I am going to try it anyways to see how things fare.

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One thought on “How to Create Fresh Content – Google Translate!”
  1. Thanks for the tip, How ever think I will do this to get an larger audience for my home improvement blogs sites.
    I mean instructions are instructions even if google can not translate it 100%.
    General Contractor
    Mark Bechler

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