security-surveillance-system Security surveillance systems have been becoming more intelligent than before.  Just a few years ago it was unheard of to have an IP camera that could be used as a security surveillance system over the internet.  Now it is common place.

Some of the cool things people are doing with web-based security surveillance systems are monitoring house sitters while owners are away.  Monitor the security of your place of business from one web site.

What is also cool is that some of the newer security surveillance systems will actually do facial recognition of those showing up under surveillance.  The systems will continue to mature and have also incorporated uses that couldn’t be monitored by just video alone. Now web-based security surveillance systems can also utilize motion detection which can be used to trip alarms, send emails to user and other cool notification systems.

With more apps being creating for iPhone and Blackberry smart phones, you can certainly bet that the next step for security surveillance systems is to converge to the handheld world.

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