bill and tony schiffbauerThe Web is full of high tech, advanced, and quite frankly – ver y complicated applications, software and code. Behind websites we take for granted are some of the worlds most powerful processing systems, complex algorithms, and detailed scripts – all in the name of useability and customer interaction.

So what are some of the main server platforms out there that power these websites? In this article we will take a brief look at .Net, Java, and PHP in the hope of beginning to understand some of these behind-the-scenes technologies.

1) ASP.Net – An offering from Microsoft, and enables programmers to do 3 things. It provides a place to find solutions to common programming problems, it executes code designed specifically for the framework, and it offers a set of tools for configuring applications. Being one of the more advanced systems, training is most definitely needed.

2) Java Script – familiar to most with applications such as games, smart phones, user interaction on websites, etc. is another advanced, yet extremely common solution to creating a bit more dynamic content on a website.  JavaScript is also the important backbone to AJAX.

3) PHP – Leading the scripting platform around the world for website developers is PHP.  It doesn’t matter what website you visit, there is a big chance that PHP will be included somewhere in the page. And the best thing about PHP is that it is really quite easy to learn. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials available across the internet for free, there is no excuse for not knowing a little bit of this one.

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