doula I’ve been told time and time again that Google PR ranking is an important thing if you want to be listed in the top of Google’s search results.

However sometimes things don’t make sense to me when it comes to Google and their explanation of the PR rank. According to Google, the higher your PR rank, the higher you will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

This doesn’t make sense to me because I put together a website for my wife, who is a Doula in the Pittsburgh area.  If you type the phrase doula in Pittsburgh (which is the phrase she wanted people to find her by), her website is ranked #1 in Google. 

However when I visit her site, not one page has a PR ranking higher than zero.

So if PR ranking plays a big role in how high your are in the SERPS, then how can my wife’s Doula website be ranked #1?

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  1. What I’ve found is that when a search term or phrase has very little search volume, and when there are very few results in google for that term, then you have a good chance of ranking high for that term or phrase (even if you have no page rank).
    In order to rank high for a term or phrase that has decent volume and a lot of results, that’s where you need page rank…

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