Lately Google has been on the war path to get rid of link directories to make the Gooweb (my term for the Google Internet) a better place…Just the way Michael Jackson would want it.

Sounds like a good idea to me though.  I mean seriously, how many times have you actually visited a link directory to look for something other than linking opportunities? 

The big problem I have with Google on this issue is the fact that they give me problems with some of my Adword projects, but at the same time see no problem with taking money from advertisers who have nothing more to push than sites that advertise link directories and sites to purchase links.

Just look at this latest query of “buy text links” in Google:

google link directory sales page

So what are we to believe with Google?  Is link directory marketing bad, or is only GOOD when you pay Google to list your link directory.  Money talks I guess!

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