Google Sitemaps Will Help You Get Rankings

Creating And Submitting A Google Sitemap is THE Most Effective Means Of Getting ALL Your Web Pages Spidered And Ultimately Listed In Google’s Search Results… Or IS It?
Even though Google has *generously* provided webmasters with a fast, efficient, and relatively foolproof method of submitting their web pages, the entire process leaves a lot to be desired… especially when it comes to making sure that any sitemap you create is EXACTLY what Google wants.
The truth is, there are plenty of programs that can automatically create Google sitemaps. And needless to say, having a program do the work for you is definitely a time-saver.
Let’s face it. No one in their right mind would actually prefer to manually list each and every page associated with each and every website.
So I guess that’s it. You just grab any one of those programs, create your sitemaps, and submit them to Google.
If you think any one sitemap generator is as good as the next, think again. There’s a WHOLE lot more to this than just creating individual files that list all of your website pages.
The bottom line? There’s the right way and the wrong way (and remember, when I say right way, I’m talking about the level of success your sitemap ultimately gives you)…
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