The Wiggles or Blue’s Clues…Who Cares?

Try Our New Wiggles Name Generator! Did You Ever Wonder What Your Wiggles Name Was? Greg Page the Yellow Wiggle
Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy. Recently Graywolf had posted a blog entry about the Wiggles and the news of Greg “Page” Wiggle leaving due to a horrible disorder which stops the heart from pumping enough blood while standing or dancing. I really feel bad for Greg Wiggle because if you didn’t know, the Wiggles are all about singing and dancing. But you’ve all heard about this, so I will get back to my point.
The hoopla is that the Australian group will simply replace Greg Wiggle with another guy in a yellow shirt, kids won’t notice and things will be back to normal. Not so says Graywolf, father of young kids who will notice and will get mad and through rotten tomatoes at the TV when the new, so-called, Yellow Wiggle appears.
I personally don’t think any kid is going to realize, considering that kids usually stick with one show, or character for about 2 years and then move on to video games or bikes (or computers if they are like me) and totally forget about any Wiggle, Blue Clue, Maisy or Doodlebop.
George WiggleAnd no, I don’t think the TV execs are banking on kids being dumb and not noticing. It is not about that at all. Kids will not care. Take Blue’s Clues for instance. The original host of Blue’s Clues was Steve Burns and then replaced with Joe (Donovan Patton). I know, yeah, there was an explanation…Joe was Steve’s little brother. But you know what? Noggin plays old and new Blue’s Clues episodes regularly, and you know what? My son could give a crap. He is not yelling at the TV wondering who the heck those two dudes are doing playing Blue’s Clues.
So take it from me, the kids aren’t going to care if Greg “Yellow” Wiggle Page is replaced with Frank, Tabitha, or even Jebidiah Wiggle. Just put a Yellow shirt on the next one and off you go.Tony Wiggle

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