I’ve learned recently that one big topic at Pubcon was combating duplicate content, scrapers, splogs (spam blogs).  The thought is to battle these web polluters with a sitemap standard, or more so a standard to guarantee claim of content ownership.

The concept is this:  Once an author creates new content, and pings a sitemap service, this “first contact” determines the content claim of ownership.  This sounds like a good idea to me, but I can imagine the increased number of unresolved disputes between spammers and legit writers, as well as larger media houses trying to lay claim to copywritten materials  that aren’t theirs.

So I say to this, yes, let’s make another stupid protocol, another obscure thing to Stumble Upon, or another book to read at Barnes and Nobles.  I classify all this stuff under blahblah-ML

Anyways, I was totally thrilled when Google came out with their own sitemap standard which is pretty awesome.  I don’t want to use it to resolve content ownership disputes, which is a waste of time.  We are going to have dupers, scrapers and splogs regardless, so enforcing a sitemap standard to claim content ownership will certainly create new scams to write new standards, continuing a never ending cycle of junk.

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  2. i understand about the viral stuff but it looked like i got redirected from my banking site to something that looked like it. but once i took out the “2” from the www2.xxxxxxxx, you’re site came up html style.
    what’s up with that?

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