chance-phelps I had no idea who the guy was, but thought it had to be something about a relative of Michael Phelps (you know, because of all the recent pot smoking stuff about him).

To my surprise, Chance Phelps was a Private First Class in the Marines and was killed in Iraq as the convoy he was escorting came under heavy fire.  HBO thought is was such an extraordinary story that they made him the subject of a new movie called Taking Chance.

I’m writing about who Chance Phelps was because the search term was ranked pretty high over at Google Trends today. 

Anyways, after Googling a bit, I found that Chance Phelps has nothing to do with Michael.  But I also found that the movie Taking Chance was selected for showing at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and premiered on HBO tonight.  Too bad I missed it, the story about Chance Phelps sounds very interesting for sure!

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  1. Saturday – March 7th, 2009 was the first time I saw the movie, I caught it in the middle, but something about it just made me watch it, I didn’t know it was a true story. Seems this young man was just a wonderful person. The movie touched mo so that I had to look this gentlemen up on Google.

  2. After seeing Taking Chance I found myself watching it several more times as well as reading the story regarding his service and death in Iraq. I found that the movie was pretty much along the same lines as the real events of returning his body home,anyone who has not seen the movie should do so it’s only about a hour and half long and very moving.

  3. After seeing this hbo film, I have learned to stop and take the time to remember all the fallen . This is an excellent way to spend 78 mins. I have watched it 3 times so far and every time i get choked up every time.Please take the time if you get a chance to see this moving film. Thank you to Chance and all the other heros that have made a differance for us.

  4. I saw a part of the movie and decided not to watch because I wanted to see all of it in it’s entirety. I have a son-in -law in the Army and I don’t know how we would deal with something like this. He has become like a second son to me and I see how he handles a situation when someone thanks him for his service but he feels like it is an honor and a privilage to serve His Country.I will keep Chance and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. My mother told me about the movie and I happened to catch it yesterday. I did the same thing as the first poster: I googled Chance Phelps.
    What an amazing man.
    I am so thankful for all the Marines out there.
    Thank you.

  6. The story of Chance Phelps really touch me, I really cried like I’m sure lot of us that seen the movies did, prayers will always be with him and his family, God bless Chance Phelp and his family.

  7. I’m a Chinese.So before I saw this film,I was just regarded it as a general war film.But after seeing this film,which changed my idea. The story of Chance Phelps really touch me.I wish god bless Chance Phelps and his family.

  8. I saw this movie with my Marine ( my fiance and best freind) while I visiste dhim in 29 palms cali. He is also a PFC and we watched this together. Words cant express how we feelt while watching this together. it moved my fiance so much that when he went to the airport to leave for his mos he refussed to take off his jacket for sake of defacing the uniform. OOH RAH!!!!!!!

  9. oh yes most importantly…THANK YOU for all who serve or have served…GOd bless america and God bless chance and his family…
    GOD BLESS***

  10. Today, Colin and I just finished watching “Taking Chance” on HBO.
    I am not sure whether Colin has ever seen a grown man cry, much less watch his father sob relentlessly.
    The last time I remember crying with Colin was at his birth at the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego.
    And 11 years later, on this listless, grey day, the tear gates unlocked and my heart cried open.
    “Taking Chance” is such a simple, thoughtful movie, it leaves you speechless.
    It is not a flag-waving war movie that highlights the romanticism of war. Nor is it a sober critique that epitomizes the pain of a fallen soldier.
    Instead it is about respect extended toward the casket by drivers, pilots and people of all stripes.
    You never even see a picture of Chance Phelps.
    In many ways, the kid with a bubbling personality and a moving story is all wrapped up and anonymous.
    He is just like any American son or daughter who is a tragic casualty of the never-ending war on terror.
    There is no politics, no agenda except to put a face on those who died and those who the took the call to bring them home.

  11. i am a proud Canadian and have great respect for all military. My Dad served in the Canadian Army and was involved in D Day and survived. My Dad was very proud to have served his country. I have watched Taking Chance and like so many others moved to tears. The movie treated this subject with such respect. It is a movie that everyone should watch, hold their hand over their hearts and thank all military for doing the job that are in so many case, thankless!

  12. I was so very moved by this movie. I cried, and cried watching it. There are not enough emotions to put into words. I hightly reccomend this movie and thank you to all y all the men and women who serve our Country including Lance Corporal Chance Phelps. I know your at total peace in heaven smiling down:)

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