Thu. Apr 11th, 2024

Talk about waiting until the last minute to even THINK about a Christmas gift for my wife…I have a few ideas but I’m sure they are probably not good ones. Ideas that may get me a smack on the cheek.
So I’m thinking about maybe some accessories from Hot Topic. Yeah, I know she is not usually wear black, but still. Anyways, has the complete, spooky, catalog of weird clothes and accessories that would make for perfect Christmas gifts. Here are a few items for sale:

  1. Lip Service Pretty Woman Black Skirt
  2. Morbid Metals Black Zombie Octopus Plug 2 Pack
  3. Honor Society Band Slim-Fit T-Shirt

Ok, so maybe these aren’t the best Christmas ideas for my wife, but they are none the less, ideas. I need to start someplace. So what do you think? What ideas for Christmas gifts do you have?

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