Is there anything worth talking about other than the new Google Voice Search icon application?  Many of my friends have iPhones and it seems that it is the only thing the want to talk about.  Forget about the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon…this week is all about Google voice search for the iPhone.

It seems to be pretty useful, but like with all voice apps it is a good idea to speak slowly.  Even my BlackBerry voice recognition is buggy.  For instance, you could say “Call Fart” and the phone would reply with “Did you say, call Katie?” 

It is annoying, but amusing at the same time, knowing that my friend Katie is known as “fart” to my BlackBerry.

With everybody going silly over how cool the new Google voice search is, it is easy to forget that Google is in the business of making lots of money.  What is a Google search result without the paid Google Adwords?  The tough thing here is to cram real organic search on the same screen as paid Google ads.  Yes…I put those two things in that order 🙂

Take a peek at this screen shot.  Google has done a fine job of cramming in what needs a crammin’:


The search app works pretty nice and I can honestly say, as an Adsense Publisher, that I’m quite pleased that Google is yet again creating new revenue streams for us. 

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