ugly-computer Yes it is true, I love music videos from the 1980s.  Most of them spark memories of my childhood/teenage years.  My first favorite band of the 80’s (after I gave up on Kiss) was Hall & Oates.  I remember seeing Private Eyes for the first time and thinking, wow! Those guys are so cool!

Yes, I was young.  What was I thinking.  Well, it was 1980 so I didn’t have much to do during the Reagan era. 

Tony from 1982 So for fun I decided to setup a cool 80’s Video dump off of Tony Rocks and put on display the top 10 videos of the 1980s, separated by years and artists.  I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of watching the cool hair, leg warmers and often silly early rock video acting. Just smile and give yourself a vegemite sandwich.

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