indiana-jones-jar-jar If you haven’t seen it yet then you may want to hold off making plans of doing so this weekend.  Before I see any movie I usually take a peek at the reviews over at Yahoo Movies an let me tell you, according to critics (professional and amateur) both Harrison Ford AND George Lucas should just stop…stop doing everything.  Below are my top 10 reviews from people of the movie:

10. Lets face it, George Lucas has gone senile.

9. The story just sucks, it really really sucks.

8. Am I watching the right movie?

7. Loved it, Hated it. Ahhh hell, I hated it!

6. Indiana Jones and the Search for Jar Jar Binks.


4. so we continue watching in denial hoping… beyond all hope that we saw wrong…

3. You’re killing me George!!!! Who would have guessed the crystal skull belonged to Jar Jar Binks…

2. George Lucas! what in the hell happen to you. you ruined the star wars movies by putting Hayden Christensen as Anakin Akywalker. he’s a crappy actor i could have done better than that *****.

1. Stay home!!! Rent X-files the movie…You won’t be so confused and Fox Molder is WAY better to look at for 2 hours…

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