oates Many of you who know me that I have lyrics for just about any person I run into.  So many songs have been written with lyrics that include names.

When I meet a girl named Brandi, I have to say that she’s a fine Girl.

With Mandy, I have to ask her to kiss me to stop me from shaking.

When I meet up with Amy, I have no choice to ask her “What Choo wanna dooo?”

So needless to say I’m a lyrical genius, or a 30 somethin’ year-old with vast amounts of trivial information.

Well it seems that lately there has been a surge over at Google Hot Trends with lyrics from the early 80’s.  Let me tell you, I remember the 80’s and many of those tunes had some cheesy lyrics.

Look at the top 5 search phrases for today:

  • hot blooded lyrics
  • flashdance lyrics
  • baby love lyrics
  • at last lyrics
  • rich girl lyrics

So let’s see, people are trying to get back into Irene Cara, Foreigner and Hall & Oates.  I knew if I kept listening to those groups that eventually they will come back in style.

ba-ba-boy Speaking of Hall & Oates…I always thought that John Oates looked silly in that big goofy mustache.  But now, look at the guy. 

With no mustache he looks like Gary from the Howard Stern Show.

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