After having my iPod mp3 player for 5 years, I’ve decided that it was time to move on to something new.  I wasn’t really looking for another iPod, in fact I can’t stand the interface.

 So many other mp3 players are in the top 10 that are ranked better than the iPod for usability, but I wanted to do some investigating for myself.

What is tops on my list is an mp3 player that lets me plug it in, not require i-Tunes and jam away.  That rules out the iPod. 🙂  Just kidding, but if price is an issue you should check out the iPod Shuffle.

Drum roll please, here are my picks for Top 3 mp3 players:

1) Creative Zen 4GB MP3 Video Player – Color Screen for Photos, Videos, Voice Recording, FM and so on.  Just a great multi-purpose mp3 player.



2) iPod shuffle 1GB, Green – Simple to use, not many bells and whistles, but it is very cheap.



3)SanDisk 2GB Sansa Clip MP3 Player – Just as cool as the Creative Zen mp3 player, but what makes it my top pick is that it has room for more memory and it is also optimized for Rhapsody.

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