boring package design I have to say that the new design change of the Walmart brand, Great Value has to be the most boring package design ever.  The design is very reminiscent of the old black and white generic packaging I remember as a kid.  You can’t get much more boring than that. So pretty much every product package contains only a white background, blue logo lettering and maybe a picture of what possible is inside the packaging.  Not too appetizing if you ask me…just plain boring.

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  1. When they were making the switch I was skeptical on buying a few Great Value products because half the stuff on the shelf was Sam’s choice and half Great Value. The generic Sam’s choice labels are alot easier on the eye and looks alot tastier than the Great Value. I didnt know about the switch I thought it was really generic and probably wasn’t worth the savings and your kids might not get made fun of in school if they busted out some Sam’s choice salsa with a colorful label and great pic, but if they busted out the Great Value salsa and bag of chips they probably wont hear the end of it for the rest of there education. They might hear things like G’s do your parents shop at the food bank. What sucks is Walmart is buying out everyone and soon the shelves will be lined full of this crap. Soon Walmart will be the only place to shop! 🙁 goto: and watch The Future of Food it is a very interesting movie its kinda scary though

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