mullet-hair-thumb It is sad when you hire someone to put together a hot website or ad campaign and then a week later you see the same photos from your site on another, or on a billboard or other advertisement. Pick your stock photos wisely OR spend the extra money to have a real photographer take some snapshots for you.

This has happened to me and I found it quite embarrassing. was design and developed by Tony Rocks and incorporated what I felt was some nice photography shots…never seen before, unique. You know, the whole deal. While walking down the halls of the local mall I stumbled across a mattress store. You know the kind…the dial your firmness expensive ones. Anyways, plastered all over their window were pictures of people and "satisfied" customers, three of which were the same photos that were used on What a pain.

So next time, to save yourself the embarassment, account for professional photo shoots of your product and staff during planning of your next web project.

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