Pittsburgh Wedding PhotographersIt seems to be that time of year when people of Pittsburgh start planning their weddings. One of the biggest challenges is finding a photographer that is not only affordable, but also does a great job at preserving memories. Let’s face it, you’ll want to look back on that special day and giggle at how silly you looked in that polka-dotted tuxedo. Regardless, the best of the best are Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers.
Joking aside, finding a wedding photographer is going to be one of the most stressful things when planning our wedding. Be sure you ask for references, availability and ultimately a portfolio of work.
As for ideas of photo shoots, there are actually some beautiful backdrops around Pittsburgh that are perfectly romantic for wedding photos. In fact, my good friends actually had a few of their wedding photographs taken in front of the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline, which ALSO included the old Three Rivers Stadium. I’ve also found that the downtown skyline is a top choice among Pittsburgh wedding photographers for their backdrops.

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