mobile-phone As if SMS texting wasn’t a big enough annoyance…check out these two sites, Twitter and Jott.  Two places that help keep others informed of what the heck you are up to. Now you can call a web service from your phone and speak a message you would like to send to you friends.  The message is converted to a text SMS to their phone.  Also, there is a way to access your remote apps, house gate system and other tools. As if you though people cared about your MySpace 20 questions, or things you didn’t know about them, and your current mood, Twitter is a way to send out broadcasts to friends phones and IM session of what you are currently doing.  Which may include sitting on the toilet, typing a message, picking your nose.  Lots of fun stuff to annoy your friends with.

I signed up for Twitter to see what’s the big deal.  Check out my profile.

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