Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
If you haven’t already heard, a piece of Mike Filsaime’s ButterflyMarketing manuscript leaked out into a marketing forum. I’ve been looking for it myself though, but with no luck :(

But, the rumor is true for sure. Mike was pretty upset about the leak and asked the moderator to remove it.

According to Mike though, the unfinished copies posted did not accurately reflect the “true” secrets and strategies of Butterfly Marketing.
Well, to fix this, Good ole Mike has agreed to release a limit run version of the leaked document. (If only the CIA could do the same :) ) which
contains corrected and updated information.
But, there is always a but…this thing will only last for a few days.
So rush here if you ever want to read this top secret information:
-Tony from GuruLising and
This manuscript will “go away” soon, so I appologize if it is not there by the time you read this post!

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