Playstation iii – creating the gaming buzz

It is amazing how much response I’ve received from my last playstation iii posting. My traffic from Google has doubled since posting this. What was I up to? Well I have been anxious to see what the latest offering from the sony playstation console realm. So I figured I’d see if anyone else was anxious as I was. Looks like my little experiment paid off. There seems to be quite a few people interested in the playstation iii.
So yes it is expected to hit the stores in time for Christmas, but good luck snagging one up. Actually the Playstation iii is to hit shelves by November of this year…just one month away. Expect to fork our from 400-500 dollars for one. With that kind of pricing, I think they should officially change the name of it to the Sony Paystation!.
I’ve found a great site that tells you more about the Playstation iii if you are interested.

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