Do you Know who Dog The Bounty Hunter is? Well if not, you should. But I found a cool and funny spoof video of Dog The Bounty Hunter.

When something like Dog The Bounty Hunter hits the Yahoo Buzz Report it really tickles my fancy. In fact
I wanna sound like the guy from American Idol and say “Dawg Dawg Dawg.”

When Dog The Bounty Hunter hits Google Current then I’ll start to laugh, but if Dog The Bounty Hunter appears on Google Zeitgeist then I will have to breakdance nude down the street.
This scenario is highly unlikely, but you never know when Dog The Bounty Hunter will show up.

All right so this is a funny video spoof of Dog The Bounty Hunter called Pup the Bounty Hunter:

Strangley enough, I found another video spoof on Dog the Bounty Hunter, but the guy who has it on youtube won’t share it. Who knows why, but heck sharing a video on youtube is what youtube is supposed to do…especially when sharing spoofs of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Oh well.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Resources:

FINALLY!  I’ve Found the Dog the Bounty Hunter Costume:

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter

We were surprised that he could stay on TV, and now this is just downright shocking. That’s right, Dog the Bounty Hunter has a costume out in all his white trash glory, so get into the minivan and go kick some doors down. The costume includes a viny vest, wig, sunglasses, a bandge on a chain, fingerless gloves and a knife with a strap. Available in large and XL.

Can you imagine the faces on the people are the party when Dog the Bounty Hunter Shows up?  I think it is a a pretty cool costume.  Also, I have a coupon code for this item…use this: AFF2

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