Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Just today I received a letter in my mailbox from a company called Domain Listing Service claiming that one of my domains is set to expire and that I need to renew it before it is too late.  Tell me something I don’t already know.

But what bothered me most about this piece of literature was that it included and order form that basically stated that to ensure listing by March that I needed to remit payment before the end of February.  Interesting.  I’ve never heard of this company, so why would I want to send them a check for $65 to renew one of my domain names when I know I purchased the domain name from the same place I usually purchase domains names from for only 11 dollars for the year.

I have been buying and selling domain names for over ten years and seeing a letter like this was quite suspect.  I certainly know better than to drop everything, panic and pay some other company to host my domain listing.  However there are many other people who will receive a letter such as this and feel that they have no choice!  In fact, one of my client’s who actually purchased their domain name from Go Daddy received a letter like this one, but from another company…asking $120 to renew the domain name.  What a total rip-off.

So to ensure that you are not getting ‘jacked, remember the following things:

  • Keep all of your paperwork when purchasing domains
  • Remember the duration of your domain registrations
  • Discard any domain renewal offers that come to your regular snail-mail unless you registered a domain from a company that only has mail-in registries (chances are this won’t happen)
  • You are under NO obligation to renew your domain name through any other company other than the place you purchased it from.


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