Google Adsense Videos and Why They Stink

Well, I can’t say that the Adsense videos stink, mainly because I haven’t used or seen them yet.  But I hear reports from many people using them and complaining about them. First off, when I think of video ads, for adsense in particular, I immediately think “Oh geez, I hate video playing on my websites.” Think about it, how many times have you visited a website and once you notice a video add playing, you immediately navigate away from the page or try to block out even viewin the video. Well, that is my experience.
Another big reason why I think Video Ads for Adsense stink is that judging by the graphical banner performance of Adsense, I can’t see video being any better. My CTR for Google Adsesne ads was crap until i chose to only serive up textual links. Seems backward in this day of graphical coolness, but heck, I guess everyone was sick of flashy banners telling them to click on this or that.
So, my guess is this, Adsense Video Ads will perform poorly, unless they incorporate some kind of coolness factor…what that is I’m not sure, but rest assured I will not be banned for clicking on my own Video Ads.

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