google apps Just last week Google announced that they’ve added domain registration to their nifty Google Apps platform.  If you are a 100% user of Google gadgets then I have to say, adding this to the Webtools is a great addition.  However I’m like the smart investor, don’t put all your eggs into one basket…like Enron stock.

For a quick run down, the Google Apps gives you Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Page Creator, and a few other things.  If it wasn’t cool enough to allow Google to scan through all of your emails and use that information to establish “statistics”  now Google can keep track of where you are, will be or who you are talking too.   So why stop there?  How about recording every Talk conversation?  I bet it is already happening. Please take a peek at one of my older postings Why Hate Microsoft When You Have Google?

Now this complete suite of web tools looks to me like a one stop big brother gathering machine.  Lucky for us Google likes to keep our information private.  Or they value our privacy.  Or they like to run an open and free sharing network of information.  Like censoring websites in China. 

Ok, so I’m being paranoid, but I really like my information to be private.  If Google were to easily bow down to the communist, then who is to say that they wouldn’t easily say “Here is EVERYTHING he had to say, plan, type and author?” Slippery Slopeness in my opinion.  Oh well, the world is like that these days.  I guess we’ll all just have to keep our noses clean.

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