Joyner vs Filsaime, Butterfly Bout

Yes, I have been pushing and pushing Mike Filsaime’s upcoming package called Butterfly Marketing. Why? Look, I’m making absolutely no money at all by promoting this to my email list, but I feel soo strongly about Mike’s concepts that I would feel guilty not letting you in on the whole deal. It is not everyday that you can get your hands on an actual product created by a internet marketing master such as this.
Mike has informed me that he is now starting to blow the doors open with this, revealing so much so soon that you will feel blown away.
So far he has given away a fr_e copy, will be giving away another copy, provided us with a leaked chapter, the list goes on. Mike knows his stuff, and he wants to prove that to you. Coming soon Mike will take part in an “interrogation” tele-conference with the famous Mark Joyner. I won’t tell you the details now, but please go ahead and check out the special page he has set up to reveal more to you!
Thats all for now my friend,
Talk to you soon!


P.S. You must sign up soon to get on the call with Mark Joyner and Mike soon or spots will run out!

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