dallas moving company image Years ago I used to live in Texas and years ago I had to move back from Texas.  It was difficult finding a moving company in Dallas back in the 1970s, but they did exist.  Thanks to the Internet though, I was able to spot a few dozen moving companies in the Dallas area.  If only I had a way back machine…

If you are thinking of moving to Dallas, make sure you get a good moving companies.  The jobs are a-plenty there. Plus Dallas has a ton of factory jobs in the area.  The best thing about Dallas is that if you get sick of the place then you can drive over to Ft. Worth to get away. 

To bring me back to this post I figured I’d highlight a moving company in Dallas called AmeriTex Apartment Movers.  This place is great and they have the lowest prices in the Dallas area.  They have the tools to move your stuff, plus you have piece of mind since they are completely licensed and insured.  You don’t usually worry about that kind of stuff when you are moving until you move into your new place and open a bunch of boxes with broken contents.

amertex dallas mover AmeriTex has something really cool that I didn’t find in with any other moving company in Dallas:  Their moving trucks are carpeted wall-to-wall for maximum protection!  Come on, you’ve seen U-halls before…totally metal inside and out.

AmeriTex is my choice of moving company in the Dallas area.  No where in the world can you find better Tex-Mex food than in Dallas.  Get moving today 🙂

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