This week the Killjoy team (which I am a member) toured Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, a museum dedicated to the art and impact of cartoons. The fledgling museum, currently hosted by the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, is receiving heaps of support, not only from cartoonists, but also from numerous sponsors, including charitable foundations and the private sector.

As a result, the ToonSeum plans to grow rapidly over the next few years: Next year, the ToonSeum will have homes in two other Pittsburgh museums, including the Warhol, and Joe Wos, founder of the ToonSeum, fully expects to have a new space devoted entirely to the ToonSeum as early as 2010!

In the meantime, the ToonSeum already has been, and will continue to be home to many great shows, including the upcoming Snoopy and Schoolhouse Rock shows.

In celebration of Black History Month, the ToonSeum is featuring original groundbreaking original art from the comic strip Wee Pals by Morrie Turner, “The Jackie Robinson of the Funny Pages.”

Also on display original art from Jump Start, Fat Albert, and others influenced by Morrie’s work.

Visit the ToonSeum website learn more about this awesome endeavor, and show your support for cartoons!

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