Well folks, I thought I really screwed up this time. I’ve recently decided to do away with the regular ASP.NET super hot and flashy tonyrocks.com website and just focus on the blog. I wanted to migrate pages and links to the blog and then get rid of the blog directory and move the blog into the root of tonyrocks.com. You would think it would be as simple as a MV command to an upper directory. Well my sites are hosted on Windows .NET platforms, so there is no MV to be typed. I simply used Dreamweaver to copy files, remove, delete, and so on.
I’m sure many of you know about changing permissions with files…you know, the old CHMOD deal. Well, Windows doesn’t know what CHMOD is, but it sure knows how to mysteriously turn my php files into read-only and not parsable by the PHP engine. THANK YOU BILL GATES.

Bill Gates Mug Shot

To make a long story short I ended up having to delete my wordpress blog files from all blog directories on tonyrocks, rebuild the DB (remember how important I said it was to back up your DB…thank goodness I did) and then change my default document to index.php. Needles to say it took me a little longer than expected.
Anyways, I have nothing good to post today to the blog at the moment…my brain is mush from trying to figure out what to do. Sometimes I miss the ole Unix Shell.

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