Of course not, well, actually I’m not sure. Heck, I don’t even like playing video games but I’m alwas anxious to see how the lastest machines handle graphics, speed, details and sound. The Playstation II is still pretty awesome if you ask me, but I’m sure many of you are ready to move on to Playstation III. I hear it has blue devel ray dvd technology and gigablips of ram and all kinds of other junk.
It is amazing to me how much systems have changed…even the Playstation III will be a huge jump over the Playstation I and Playstation II. But, bring a kid of the 70’s and 80′ I had to go back even further to get a better appreciate of how awesome Playstation III will be. Check out this game console from 1977 called the RCA Studio II:
Here is a photo of the box. Looks like fun, lots of family fun. More so than the Playstation III:

Open the box and this is what you get, kinda your typical 70’s electronic device, not as hot as the Playstation II or III.

OH! now look, a cartridge that just screams really cool and fun game ready to be played:

Uh oh, let the fun begin. OH man! The fun we are having playing this…this…Baseball?!:

What a load of crap. That is supposed to be baseball? Somehow I don’t think this is the same machine that is depicted on the box. This screen doesn’t even look playable. Well, I guess games have come a long way, especially in the area of graphics. I hear that the Playstation III is going to have about 32 million colors and a super HD graphics display. Better than the black and white, 30X30 pixel screen.
Thanks for Old-Computers.com for these images. That site will guarantee to keep geeks like me busy for hours.

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