William Shatner, Not Just for Boston Legal

Official William Shatner DVD Club
William Shatner, what a guy. He has his hands in so much stuff that it is insane. I remember seeing him on the Conan O’Brien show years ago talkin about some new interactive CD-ROM video game his company had published. Next William Shatner was off plugging Priceline.com.
Not to be outdone by himself and his Boston Legal character Denny Crane, Mr Shatner has launched and online DVD rental website, similar to Netflix, but for sci-fi bufs.
Get this: You can only rent rare and obscure science fiction movies hand-picked by William Shatner himself. Who better to pick out strange movies than Captain Kirk or Denny Crane?
Shatner’s site is called the William Shatner DVD Club and new subscribers get a free DVD when they sign up. You also have a 30 day trial to see if you like it. Learn More!

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