Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

If you are like me, you are scrounging around for East baskets.  Well, since the only ones left are $17 a piece at the grocery store, I’ve decided to improvise.

So really, all this thing needs to do is hold some fake grass and candy.  Essentially this thing is just a box to put your things in.  So finding a cheap Eater basket is pretty much the same as finding a box to hold stuff.

Below are cheap Easter basket idea for slackers like you and I, and can usually be found in your garage or basement:

flower-pot-easter-basketOld Flower Pot –  Come on, I know you have a bunch of these sitting in your garage.  This are a perfect replacement for Easter baskets.




cheap-easter-basketEmpty Chick-fil-A Cup – I love this place and I love their Iced tea! So, of course I’ve got a few of these empty cups sitting in my car. 




 Rattan_Laundry_BasketLaundry Basket – Hey, we all have these…I’m sure it is full of clothes, so make sure you empty it out first.





cat-toilet-brush Toilet Brush Holder – I know, i know…how gross…but Look how cute this one is!





happy-easter Diaper Genie – What is cool about this one is that you can make cool wraps of candy for the kids! how cool is that?

Happy Easter everybody, hope my handy frugal house tips helps.

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